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Reg-Handle Home Hash EB Status
 0 Comp Paid
 0 Toed Paid
 1 Toed Bedsores CH3 EB Paid
 2 Computer CH3 EB Paid
 3 Yark Sucker DIVAHHH EB Paid
 4 Rumple Foreskin DIVAHHH EB Paid
 5 Fire Thighs Munich H3 EB Paid
 8 biggus dickus bmph3 EB Paid
 9 Higgins BMPH3 EB Paid
 10 While You`re Down There Cambridge EB Paid
 11 War `n` Piece Wageningen H3 EB Paid
 12 Ingrid Larssen SPOR&DIC EB Paid
 13 V.D. Viking SPOR&DIC EB Paid
 14 Crappy Strappy Sans Clue EB Paid
 15 MaBouche Sans Clue EB Paid
 17 Mata Hari Shape-Mons H3 EB Paid
 18 Dog Handler Shape-Mons H3 EB Paid
 19 WetandReady Zürich H3 EB Paid
 21 The Vicar Oslo EB Paid
 22 Flying Chicken Oslo EB1 Paid
 23 Unmentionable Norfolk EB1 Paid
 24 Twonk Norfolk EB1 Paid
 25 Hidden Asset Sans Clue H3 EB1 Paid
 26 Squits Lagos EB1 Paid
 27 Hugonaut Norfolk EB1 Paid
 28 Lobotomy NorfolkH3 EB1 Paid
 31 Missing Link Amsterdam EB1 Paid
 32 Excremental Earnings Amsterdam EB1 Paid
 33 Dilly Sub 60 H3 EB1 Paid
 34 Cock Stroker Sub 60 H3 EB1 Paid
 35 Ban the Cock The Hague H3 EB Paid
 36 Double Dutch Mountain The Hague H3 EB Paid
 37 Gary Pluck Norfolk EB1 Paid
 38 Hairy Bell Knob Bristol Greyhound H3 EB1 Paid
 39 MeMe Milton Keynes EB1 Paid
 40 Me Arse Lads FUKFMHHH EB1 Paid
 41 Bloody Clot Truro HHH EB1 Paid
 45 Hush Puppy The Hague EB1 Paid
 46 Swinging Tits GH3 Gothenburg H3 EB1 Paid
 48 sparkle paris sans clue EB1 Paid
 51 Shunt Norfolk H3 EB1 Paid
 52 1 Night Wonder Zurich H3 EB1 Paid
 54 Chunder Woman Scarborough Happy H3 EB1 Paid
 55 Belches with Wolves Zurich EB1 Paid
 56 Forrest Hump Zurich EB1 Paid
 57 Ooh La La (Sans Clue Hash) Sans Clue, Paris France EB1 Paid
 59 McCavity Elgin HHH EB1 Paid
 60 Bodsa Elgin HHH EB1 Paid
 63 Arrogant Bastard Sans Clue EB1 Paid
 64 Premature Ejection BMPH3 EB1 Paid
 65 Cyberflasher BMPH3 EB1 Paid
 66 Up All Night Sans Clue EB1 Paid
 67 Nice Bit of Skirt Sans Clue EB1 Paid
 69 Porkymon BMPH3 EB2 Paid
 73 Muddy Water Wirral & Cheshire EB1 Paid
 74 O.T.I.S. Athens H3 EB1 Paid
 75 Rocket Socket Athens H3 EB1 Paid
 76 Pic of the Litter Sembach H3 EB1 Paid
 77 But His Nut Sembach H3 EB1 Paid
 78 High 5 When I Cum Sembach H3 EB1 Paid
 79 Cheap Thrills Ottawa / Montreal EB1 Paid
 80 Little Big Man Ottawa / L.A.F.F.T.E.R. EB1 Paid
 81 Not Yet Available BMPH3 EB1 Paid
 82 Yorky Porky Catch the Hare H3 EB1 Paid
 83 Taxi Ho D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3 EB1 Paid
 84 Sitting Bull D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3 EB1 Paid
 85 Moss Bros C.R.A.P.H3 EB1 Paid
 88 Wicked Witch of the Wet Heidelberg H3 EB1 Paid
 89 Wizzard of the Hash Heidelberg H3 EB1 Paid
 90 2 Big Southside (Korea) EB1 Paid
 91 Alka Seltzer Sans Clue EB1 Paid
 92 Dr Bugerovka The Non-Existent Lyon Hash EB1 Paid
 93 Moonshine Amsterdam EB1 Paid
 94 ManHeCanPiss Amsterdam EB1 Paid
 95 Happy Ending Riviera HHH EB2 Paid
 99 Longshanks Munich EB2 Paid
 100 Tongue Job Timor Leste EB2 Paid
 101 Goes Quietly Cambridge CH3 EB2 Paid
 102 Egg Spurt Paris ; Sans Clue EB2 Paid
 103 Charlie Brown VIP H3 EB2 Paid
 104 Late Commer VIP H3 EB2 Paid
 105 Chuck the Fuck Up Doha Hash House Harriers 4 EB2 Paid
 106 Chilli Con Phooey Doha H4 EB2 Paid
 108 Deposit Paid