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Q What do we get in exchange for our hefty registration fee?
 Ummm, on Friday open bar and some haberdash, and on Saturday and Sunday hash transport, the hashes themselves and the parties in the evening. We`ll feed & get you drunk from Friday night to Sunday night!
Q Should I stay overnight in Paris on Sunday 1st April?
 Yes! Absolutely. That way you can enjoy all our our 1000th run on Sunday, as well as the party afterwards. The next day, get up and go away, or perhaps join the survivors for a hangover brunch. Bonus: Monday is a public holiday (Easter) in France and perhaps neighbouring countries too!
Q You aren`t disorganising accommodation for us. Any recommandations?
 Paris has something for everyone. For those of you above the gutter but too stingy for a boutique hotel, how about St Christopher`s Inns, giant backpacker hostel, at 5 rue de Dunkerque, 75010 PARIS. It`s right at the Gare du Nord for those arriving from CDG airport, Thalys, Eurostar, etc. And it has a big noisy bar.
Otherwise, to be near our party venues, try to stay near a station on metro line 12.
Q What`ll I wear?
 Themes so far for your packing/shopping/sewing: 1 red dress for r*nning in, and as for r*n 1000, we`d like you to wear your newest t-shirt, which`ll be provided at registration. To save you packing a costume for the evening parties, just be `hash party you`
Q Will there be a tourist trail?
 Sans Clue hash is a green spaces kind of hash, so don`t expect to loop round the Eiffel Tower on our Saturday or Sunday trails. However, if you can make it on Friday, the bike hash will pass through photogenic central. Also, take Monday slow to go (re-)visit all that pretty stuff.