What is R.O.T.T.?
From an Idea conceived while walking the Cleveland Way, Goldfinger and Bedsores came up with the concept of R.O.T.T. - Really Over The Top hash trail, but still for Hashers - not a challenge event.
Hashing in the UK consists of two important elements, A well laid trial in interesting country, and Good beer in a good pub.
ROTT attempts, to achieve both of these objectives on a grand, if not Over The Top scale.
The trails are A to B to C to D, over hill country, giving a wide variety of landscapes, allowing the Hashers to enjoy our native countryside and take in some stunning views. At each stop they can then enjoy a pint or two of good beer and even some food. And Yes even outdoors we still serve Real Ale!

The Venues
We tell you only where point A is, where you meet up on Friday Evening, and where you will be transported back to on Sunday afternoon. Everywhere else is on the trail.
We have a support team for logistics, and catering, so you need to carry nothing, and just follow the trail.

How often does it happen?
The event started in the 1990`s and was held every 2 years until thwarted by a fuel strike and Foot and mouth earlier this century. Resurrected in 2009, as a last fling by Toed and Goldfinger, but it happened again in 2011, 2013 and 2016, so, as an event refuses to die.
Whether it continues depends on your support

When will we know if it is going ahead?
As soon as enough people register interest, we will email you all. If we get little interest, we will email to cancell