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Q What is ROTT?.
 A slightly or `Really` Over The Top A to B to C to D hash trail (i.e. it meanders for 15-25 miles) run over a weekend. We tell you only where A ( a good pub) is and need to get there on Friday Evening. Accommodation is basic camping, and there are Catering and Logistic backup teams, so you do not need food or backpacks. To find out where B,C and D are you must be on the run. For more see the Origins
Q Has this been done before
 Yes, we started in 1992 and followed every 2 years until thwarted by a fuel strike then foot and mouth. the fourth ROTT finally happened in 2009 and went back to the North York Moors, and we had another in 2011 in Stafordshire/Derbyshire, and again in 2013 in Suffolk. Previous ROTT trails have been on the North York Moors, Derbyshire and Shropshire.
Q Do I need to be Fit?
 Reasonably. This is a Hash NOT a challeng event. As with all Hashes we have walkers and athletes. The Hares pride themselves on being able to keep a pack together even over this distance, with a wide range of abilities. We do have a logistics team if anyone gets into trouble.
Q How is the trail laid?
 Just like a normal CH3 run, complete with Checks, false trails, turn backs, Check backs and even short cuts, allowing you to thoroughly explore the country side while others catch up.
Q Where is point A
 The Heneage Arms
Louth Road
Q Can I get a lift?
 Possibly. Usually we organise a minibus from Cambridge, and we will link other poeple up at a later date.
Q How much does it cost?.
 We don`t know. When you Register we ask for a
£20.00 N/R deposit , (but you do need to Register first). After the event we add all the costs and divide by participants. Support crew do not pay the deposit. You will need money to pay for beer and food in the pubs in the evenings.in 2011 we had to collect an extra £40 p/p making it £60 for each runner. 2013 it was about £30.00 each. This included all Camping, Lunch food and beer, minibus hire and fuel.
Q I am not sure if I paid a deposit, how can I check?
 Check Who`s Cumming
Q How do I register?
 Click Here
Q Where do I sleep?
 We organise a Camp site, but we will be looking for B&B`s when we have confirmed the trail. We will book your room and pay any deposite on your behalf. You will find out where when you get there.
Q How do I get fed?
 A backup team of Hash caterers and Logistics will feed you and supply Beer when we are not in a Pub. Otherwise you will be able to purchase food in the pub.
Q Where is it
 The Lincolnshire Wolds, (that is not the flat bit!!)
Q How big is this event?
 We only accept a pack of 20 plus a backup team of 6. The pubs we use are not usually very large, so a party of more than 26 coud exceed thier feeding capacity.
Q If the trip is full, can I get in if someone else backs out?
 Yes. You can register as a Reserve. If places become available you will be e-mailed and it will be up to you to update your registration before anyone else.