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Show Questions Only
Q When will tickets be available to buy and what is the maximum number I can purchase?
 You can now buy as many tickets as you wish from today and there is no upper limit.
Q How much will the tickets be?
 They will be £7.50 each, payable by cheque or cash only. Each ticket will also be numbered and with the name of the main purchaser on the ticket as well as each individual ticket holder`s name on their allocated ticket. On full payment received your ticket(s) will be sent to your email address for you to print off. You may need a pair of scissors.
Q What if I don`t have an email address or a printer?
 You must know someone who does, surely? A friend or family member? If all else fails, we can apply on your behalf and print off your tickets after payment. In this case you will also have to furnish us with a stamped addressed envelope.
Q What if after buying my ticket(s) I decide not to/can`t come for any reason? Can I get my money or any part of it refunded?
 No! Any monies you pay stay with us. There will however be a system whereby we can direct you to a waiting list of people wishing to purchase tickets. You deal directly with that person and when you have received cleared payment from them, you notify us and we reallocate those tickets to them with the same numbers but with the amended name changes.
Q Will I need to bring my ticket with me on the night?
 Yes. Your ticket gives you entry and is checked on the door against a master list.
Q What time does the event start?
 You can arrive at any time from 6.00pm. There will be a licensed pay bar available on your arrival serving wines, canned lager, spirits and softies. We are hoping to have some real ale (bright) on the night but that cannot be confirmed at this time.
Q Food?
 There will be absolutely no food available, so we suggest that you eat before you arrive. There are several eating options nearby. We may have limited numbers of crisps and nuts.
Q What`s the parking near St.Paul`s Church Centre like?
 There is plenty of parking at the side of the church in St.Paul`s Road and in some nearby streets, but in designated parking bays. You won`t have to put money in any meter after 6.00pm and if you did leave your car overnight, parking meter charges don`t apply on a Sunday. BUT please check this out thoroughly yourself as we will not accept any responsibility for failing eyesight.
Q What about buses and trains?
 There are bus stops on both sides of the road close to St.Paul`s -citi3. The railway station is no more than a ten minute walk. If you have walking issues, then you can get on citi3 (going towards the city centre) at the railway station. And, of course, there are taxis at the station. If you come into Cambridge, Drummer Street from other areas by bus, then again citi3 (going towards the railway station). Ask the driver to tell you the stop.
Q Is there a dress code?
 None at all. Come as a fading 60s R&R star if you wish? You won`t be alone!
Q Will there be any items to buy on the night?
 No. But if you wanted a professional A2/A3 poster of the event(as sent to you previously by email)then contact Mark Bishop at Copy Studio on 01223-211554 for more information and cost.
Q I was a member of a 60s Cambridge band and would like to play on the night. Who should I contact?
 You need to go to and email us with your telephone number and email address. Then either Ivan Carling or Tony Middleton will contact you.
Q When I order my tickets it asks me to put in the names for each ticket. What if at this point I`m not sure whom to invite? What if at a later date I wish to change a name on a particular ticket?
 Put your name in the box for the first ticket as the applicant. Then if you don`t have any other names just put in A.N.Other. When you have names or wish to change names then go to `I want to update my details`. Request an update code. Then make the changes. The tickets will then be re-issued reflecting the name changes.
Q Surely I can print off as many tickets as I want or even photocopy loads of tickets? What`s to stop me doing that?
 Nothing.But there will be a check on tickets at the door. The latest name on the master list at the door will be the person allowed in (ticked off on the master list). Any subsequent people with the same numbered ticket will be turned away. If any problems do arise from such actions, then the original applicant will be held responsible.
Q I and my wife cannot stand on our feet for very long. Is there seating available?
 Yes.As you enter there is a reception/bar area with tables and chairs.There you can enjoy a drink, talk to your friends and peruse the RCR boards. Inside the main hall where you can listen to the live music, there are some chairs but also rows of church pews that provide lots of seating.