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Musician Name  60's Band 
 Albie Prior  The Ramblers
 Bernie Nicols  Del Amitri
 Bob Ruckwood  The Dawnbreakers/The Chequers
 Chris Jones  The Hi-Fi`s
 Dave Hurst  Mr.Lucifer/The Newcomers
 Dave Parker  Dean Parker and The Redcaps
 Dave Thaxter  Wages of Sin/Vogue Sounds/The Newcomers
 David Chapman  The Zodiacs
 Dick Fletcher  The Newcomers
 Ivan Carling  The Vikings/The Hi-Fi`s
 Jeff Pike  Blues Anonymous
 Jenny Taylor  The Chequers
 Joe Lucas  The Nightriders
 John Clarke  The Zodiacs
 Mick Fairclough  The Tokens
 Mike `Buster` Richardson  Country Cousins/Forever Amber
 Noel Gooch  The Chequers
 Pete Towers  The Rob Appleton Band
 Peter Geale  The Prowlers
 Peter Gilmour  Joker`s Wild
 Simon Jones  The Boston Crabs
 Steve Bowen  The Dawnbreakers
 Steve Pyle  Those Without
 Tex Downes  Marion Daniel`s Band/The Vermin
 Tony `Earthquake` Colleno  The Redcaps/The Prowlers
 Tony `Tiger` Middleton  The Chequers/The Sundowners
 Vince Driver  The Detours formerly The Tornados