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Q Will you book accommodation for me?
 No. You have to book your own accommodation.
Suggestion: Go to or with a preference for hotels in the Bastille or Republique area (would be close to the party pub).
Tick the `Budget 0€ to 50€ par nuit` box in the left margin.
For info: Currently there are rooms for 2 people for 3 nights as low as 75.00€. Though not `close` to Bastille or Republique. However, the Paris metro system is excellent, nowhere is `far`.
Q Will there be Vegetarian or Vegan food available?
  Check the correct boxes in the registration form and we will do our best to fit in with your diet requirements. Promise ! We will try our best.
Q Will there be wine, soft drinks, as well as beer on the runs and in the circle.
Q Will there be cidre & cocktails
 Only if you buy your own.
Q What do we get in exchange for our registration fee?
 On Friday open bar, snack and some haberdash.
On Saturday the hash itself with circle and a snack, plus beers and wine.
Come early to the venue and visit the castle.
Saturday evening: a party at a really cool venue, with a live band.
On Sunday the Red Dress Run hash in the historic heart of Paris. This will be an A to B run, with a surprise `Party` return to `A`. Circle, a snack, and lots of beer and wine.
On Monday, for those still in town, a short trail and a couple of BYO beers and BYO brunch, somewhere central Paris
We`ll feed you & get you drunk from Friday night to Sunday night ! And more , if you stay for Monday.
Q Should I stay overnight in Paris on Sunday 8th March?
 Absolutely. That way you can enjoy all our our activities. The next day, get up and go away, or perhaps join the survivors for a hangover trail.
Q What`ll I wear?
 Themes so far for your packing/shopping/sewing: One red dress for r*nning in, on Sunday. To save you packing a costume for the evening parties, just be `hash party you`.
Q Will there be a tourist trail?
 Yes. You will see many of the famous landmarks.
Q Will there be a bike hash?
Q What colour are the bikes on the Bike Hash ?
 There is no bike hash ! Read the above !
Q Will there be a Red Dress Run?
 Yes. On Sunday.
Q Can I leave my luggage at Gare du Nord?
 - Yes.
Go to the main concourse (level 0).
Follow `Taxi `signs, in direction of rue de Maubeuge (close to Quai 3).
Just before exiting the station, take the lift to go down to -1 on the lower ground floor-level (car rental and lost property office).
The luggage storage is located close to car rental companies (Europcar, Avis etc).
It is open is open daily from 6:15 a.m. to 11:15 p.m., public holidays included.
The smaller locker costs 5,50 €, the medium 7,50€ and the large one costs 9,50 € (for 24 hours).
NOTE: It is better to HAVE SMALL CHANGE with you.
Q By when do I need to pay?
 Your spot is not reserved until you make payment.
NOTE : We’re expecting full capacity attendance, so the sooner the better!
Q What types of payment do you accept?
 Bank-to-bank transfer. Paypal. Cash (given directly to The Anarchist).
Q Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend?
 Nope, but you can sell your rego via our site!
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