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Neptunus 25 years on
28-29-30th of April 2017
Castle the Berckt, Baarlo, Netherlands
Reg-Handle Home Hash Sex Status
 1 Toed Bedsores Cambridge H3 Male Paid
 2 Computer Cambridge H3 Female Paid
 6 Yorky Porky Catch The Hare H3 Male Paid
 7 Treasure Chest Female Paid
 9 Bruce Almighty Aberdeen HHH Male Paid
 10 Moss Bros C.R.A.P. H3 Male Paid
 11 Drug Bust Brooklyn H3 Female Paid
 12 Hippoty Hop Hannover H3 Male Paid
 15 Queen of Shots Hannover H3 Female Paid
 16 Little World Yorkshire H3 Male Paid
 17 Easy Access Yorkshire H3 Female Paid
 18 Playtex The Hague H3 Female Paid
 19 Dead O`Fart The Hague H3 Male Paid
 20 Colour of the Eggs Hannover H3 Male Paid
 21 Four `n`Twenty Inverness Stockholm H3 Female Paid
 24 Wouldn`t Chew Brussels Manneken Pis H3 Female Paid
 25 While You`re Down There Cambridge H3 Female Paid
 26 Magical Crack Male Paid
 27 Bumps Female Paid
 29 Unmentionable Norfolk H3 Female Paid
 30 Twonk Norfolk H3 Male Paid
 31 Sex Reject GoNAD Male Paid
 34 Moose Diver Male Paid
 35 Booze Hannover H3 Male Paid
 36 Squashed Flat Hannover H3 Female Paid
 37 The Dogs Bollocks The Hague H3 Female Paid
 38 Pink Panter The Hague Male Paid
 41 Tuna Melt Hague H3 Female Paid
 42 Opee Hague H3 Male Paid
 43 Maradona C.R.A.P. H3 Male Paid
 44 Skiddy Top End Female Paid
 45 Private Parts Redlands Hash House Harriers (brisbane - australia Male Paid
 46 Wanderbra Redlands Hash House Harriers (brisbane - australia Female Paid
 48 Slaphead Cambridge H3 Male Paid
 49 Goldfinger Cambridge H3 Male Paid
 50 AKU Frankfurt H3 Male Paid
 51 Groin Biter DIVAHHH Female Paid
 52 Comes every Time Male Paid
 55 Skinhead Male Deposit Paid
 56 Maiden Head Female Deposit Paid
 58 Superman Male Paid
 61 Soaked Arse Arhus H3 Male Deposit Paid
 62 Rab C Norfolk Male Paid
 63 C sick BMPH3 Female Paid
 64 Henry Root Yorkshire YH3 Male Paid
 65 Ginger Root Yorkshire YH3 Female Paid
 66 Biggus Dickus Male Paid
 67 Scoobidua Female Paid
 68 Trash Can Man Male Paid
 71 Little Mermaid Female Paid
 72 Happy Hooker Male Paid
 73 Mrs Moose1 Female Paid
 74 Higgins GoNAD H3 Male Paid
 75 XL The Hague Hash Female Paid
 76 going commando Catch the Hare H3 Female Paid
 77 blood stained clothing Catch the Hare H3 Male Paid
 78 Yark Sucker Brussels Manneke Piss H3 Female Paid
 79 Rumple Foreskin Brussels Manneke Piss H3 Male Paid
 84 Disco Kid The Hague Hash House Harriers Male Paid
 87 Testiculator Male Paid
 88 Ging Gang Goolie Female Paid
 89 Iron Lady Riviera Female Paid
 90 Madam Sin Manchester H3 Female Paid
 91 Both Ends Manchester H3 Male Paid
 92 Bubbles D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3 Male Paid
 93 Burning Bush BMPH3 Female Paid
 94 Hugonaut Norfolk Male Paid
 95 Riff Raff Norfolk Female Paid
 96 mongrel Female Paid
 97 Flossikins Female Paid
 100 Poor Sod Isle of Wight, UK Male Paid
 101 Belches with Wolves Zurich Female Paid
 102 Pecker Shaker The Hague hash Female Paid
 105 Cogh Hannover H3 Male Paid
 106 Yoga Porn Hannover H3 Female Paid
 107 Chunder Woman Scarborough Happy H3 Female Paid
 108 Premature Ejection Brussels Manneke Piss H3 Female Paid
 109 Spiderman Århus H3 Male Paid
 112 Hawkeye Southside HHH Male Paid
 113 The Bride Southside HHH Female Paid
 119 MaBouche Sans Clue H3 Female Paid
 120 That Guy Male Paid
 121 2Mistakes Male Paid
 122 Biggles Male Paid
 125 Dirty Deeds Male Paid
 126 Rack of Lambs Female Paid
 127 Deposit Paid
 130 Urine Male Paid
 134 Do Me Moore Hague H3 Female Paid
 135 Joe Dirt Hague H3 Male Paid
 136 Humper FH3 Male Paid
 137 Looselips FH3 Female Paid
 138 Any Erection The Hague Hash House Harriers Male Paid
 139 Chillbox Munich H3 Male Paid
 143 Beetroot Norfolk H3 Male Paid
 144 Gisbo Male Paid
 145 Mash Female Paid
 146 Doctor Flatus MountainBeers Male Paid
 147 Sperm Whale Cambridge Male Paid
 148 Mashed Potato Cambridge Female Paid
 150 P.ENnIS GONADs Male Paid
 151 Sucks on the Beach Fort Lauderdale Wildcard Male Paid
 152 Houdini Marlow Male Paid
 154 Loose Nutz Munich H3 Male Paid
 156 Weeny Schnitzel Male Paid
 157 TBA The Hague Male Paid
 158 Swinging Tits Female Paid
 159 Slippery Edge Amsterdam H3 Female Paid
 159 Slippey Edge Female Paid
 160 Hot Flush Female Paid
 161 Logover Hague Hash House Harriers Female Paid
 162 SquareHead Aarhus H3 Male Paid
 164 Urine - ESSH3 Evesham Summer Sunday Male Paid
 167 Father Brown Male Paid
 168 Hobbledehoy Hannover H3 Male Paid
 170 War n Piece Amsterdam H3 Male Paid
 171 Just Bend Over Amsterdam H3 Female Paid
 172 CREME BRULEE London Female Paid
 173 Ban the Cock The Hague Male Paid
 174 Double Dutch Mountain The Hague Female Paid
 177 Sweaty Balls Århus H3 Male Paid
 178 Cockpit Southern Comfort H3 (Atlanta USA) Female Paid
 179 Semen on the Pew BMPH3 Male Paid
 180 Cooperman Isle of Wight Male Paid
 184 Spandex Man SAIGON HHH Male Paid
 187 N4P - No Foreplay London H3 and Yangon H3 Female Paid
 188 Ich Been Laiden Berlin H3 Male Paid
 191 Sparerib Snonads H3 Male Paid
 192 Riff-Raff Male Paid
 193 Twinkletoes Female Paid
 194 fuck off karlsruhe Male Paid
 195 VAGiant MoTown Ann Arbor Male Paid
 196 E.t. Copenhagen hash house harriers Female Paid
 197 goldilocks holzwickede Male Paid
 198 Skippy Gonzales Schaffhausen Male Paid

Total Hashers Paid/Part Paid 142
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