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Q Do we need our own web site?
Q We have our own website, can we intergrate the system with it?
Q Our Committe does not like wasting beer money on credit card charges, Do we need to use the online payment?
 No. You can collect money any way you like.
If the event is for poeple you see regularly, you can collect cash from them, the credit card is an option for those Idle poeple like me who like to do everything from thier arm chair with a glass by thier side.
The confirmation of payment is done manually.
Q How much does it cost to process Credit cards and who pays this?
Q Do we have to have our e-mail addresses on the contacts page?
Q There is a lot in the system, do we need to use it all?
Q What if we find we need more info from our attenddees after they have registered?
Q Can I send mass e-mails to just a selected group?
Q How many mismanagement poeple can have access to the system
Q We already have a system, can we import the data to that?