Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
how it works
Organsational Diagram
Attendees enter their
Details, getting a confirmation   e-mail. Make payments, check who else is coming and find contact info. all through your own site
They can even request a secure code to update their details,  purchase Haber dash etc.
Only administrators can make changes to the online data base, including allocating cash, assigning rooms etc.
They also print/e-mail acknowledgements, reminders etc.
They get :-
An automatically generated spread sheet showing who's paid, what and how much is owing, Hotel room lists, badge labels, individual menus, and more.
Other committee members download the data from the website but cannot make changes.
Spreadsheets for:-
Haberdasher - list and total for each item
Beer master - Ditto
Accommodation - Bunk house/ Hostel allocation,
                   Hotel room Lists, special instructions
 Catering - Veggies/Vegans/Nutters/Allergies
                    Individual Menu's
Using Desktop software - integrated with ms-office word and excel. Administrators Download the data to their own computers
Using Desktop software - integrated with ms-office word and excel. Users Download the data to their own computers
Use Google Groups to send your Flyer and links to the booking page and who's Cumming etc.
Room Allocation -
Make this job easy and accurate
Allocate rooms in Castles, Hostels etc on Line
Attendees can then see their room numbers
Communication - Keep them Informed or Chase them!! :-
    Mass e-Mail all those who have not yet/or fully paid (with. details)
    Mass E-Mail all
    E-Mail those participating in somthing
i.e. No more e-mail lists to keep updated
Even send 1 e-mail only to each address (where partners reg)
Rego Charges
The website works out charges for different items, different rates for different dates or rego. nos, EB etc.
On line payments can be made by Credit card using Paypal, Worldpay or Nochex