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Netherlands Nash Hash 2014
July 18-19-20 2014
Castle the Berckt, Baarlo, Netherlands
Here is the answer to all your questions :-) If you can’t find your question here, contact us!
Maybe your contribution will make it to the Mother of all F.A.Q.’s:
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Q Why is the website called
 Because we encounter serious problems when Hash is mentioned in the URL.
The website is blocked in some countries and PayPal nearly chokes!
Q Why do you announce it as: DutchNashHash2014, regardless...
 DNH2014 is a prelube for Interhash2014 in Brussels. There is a small change Brussels don`t get Interhash. In that case they will still organise a great Hash weekend. Also the Dutch Nash Hash 2014 will go on anyway, hence the `regardless`..
Q Why is DNH2014 again at Castle the Berckt? It was used for EuroHash2011.
 We would like to use this venue every year! It`s a great location!
Q Will a trailerpark be involved?
 We learned from EH2011 that Americans, Aussies and Kiwi`s hate trailerparks, so no; no trailerpark involved!
Q There is a rumor that during EH2011 hashers could not find their room, although they were still sober!
 The (new) Lord of the Castle promised during our visit to the venue last month they will have a total new `directions to your room` system!
Q Any other news about the venue?
 All rooms in the Old Part will be refurbished and the rooms have a unique roomnumber now! No more confusion about room A03, A003 etc!
Q So DNH2014, regardless.. wont be just a copy of EH2011?
 We will copy the good parts and forget the bad parts. We are sure we can create new, original major f*ckups!! After all it`s the Hash!
Q In the confirmation e-mail is `accomadation` but I could not choose!
 The Lord of the Castle promised there will be an on-line regosystem in due time.
As soon this is reality we will let you know.
Q There is also mentioned `and will mostly drink:` but also I could not let you know what I like (to drink!)!
 We have an all-inclusive agreement with the castle. This means they can provide
all sorts of drinks. Whiskey, champagne etc. is (of course) not included!!
Q I want to ask you some more questions but I forgot them. What shall I do??
 Get sober!!