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Q What is Founders Day
 Bear ( a ch3 founder member) had this idea, while some of the founders were still alive to have a big party at farmer Kits farm, using money a founders fund to pay for beer etc.
Q Is this a 2 day event?
 Yes, you can arrive on Saturday Morning, and camp
Q What happens on Saturday?
 A beer festival (16 Real Ales) and evening entertainment see
Q Can I just turn up
 Yes, but you cannot have any of the food or beer provided for those registered
Q Poor choice of weekend as a few of us will be walking the Speyside way. Any chance of moving it?
 No Chance! I had to check dates with Kit----once I had got these and checked my dates,it was either that weekend or the following Sunday which turns out to be the AGPU at Toft.We offered the AGPU to be at Kit`s,supported by many on the Speyside Way(incl.Jetstream)and those who didn`t particularly wanted to go back to Toft AGAIN! but the outgoing GM vetoed it!! He obviously wants to be remembered as a GM who was indecisive,swayed by the harriettes persuasive attention and when it came to the only real decision of his reign,he got it wrong!!!We (lots of us did try)but to no avail.I bow down to the new and welcome strong stand of the incumbent GM.Remember the GM is always right.
Q I cant register yet as I am not sure of all my details
 Register as you are - you can update your registration whenever you like