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Founders Day - Bear ( a CH3 Founder) is in charge.

Saturday August 27th

Lunch Time

  Beer festival (16 Real Ales) at the Kings Head Hadstock

            Just 20mins from Kits on Footpaths


1. bring your own meat or fish
2. salads,bread etc. provided.
3. Entertainment by El Rave & friends. Possible(?)
4. cask of ale provided via the minibus fund.
5. BYO wine & softies.

   (N.B. If the numbers get high for Saturday we will consider taking money to
     buy more beer , wine and softies)

Sunday August 28th---

1. Hash Run followed by circle. (Hares Goldfinger and Bedsores)
2. Curry lunch served.
3. Two casks of ale, wine, softies etc. provided by CH3.
4. Volunteers to sort out some games?

     N.B. Food and Beer are Free providing you are REGISTERED!!

Camping available on Saturday and Sunday.
Breakfast provided for campers(Only if you are registered).
Also hot shower and toilet inside the house for campers(only) both mornings.
Agricultural toilets(for number 1's) everywhere.
Harriettes only
may use the house toilet over the weekend.
The indoor swimming pool is available over the weekend.No skinny dipping and bring your own towels please.