Budapest H3
Budapest 30th Anniversary Weekend 25-27 October 2013
Here is the answer to all your questions :-) If you can’t find your question here, contact us!
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Q What are the differences between the choices of accommodation?
 Dominik Panzió is a basic hostel, rooms share a bathroom. They have party room and breakfast is included.
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The Lions Garden is right across the street, it is a 4* hotel, a bit smart for hashers, but they offer a good price for this week, includes breakfast
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Q Where are we going to run and what are the trail signs used?
 You find out where we go when the hare has set the trail , and the trail marks are pretty standard, but listen to the hare as usual at the start :-)
The Buda hills are close and offers great hashing country with forest and countryside, and great views of the city. Pest is the flat half of Budapest, from the hotels there parks and historical monuments of various sorts - you are going to get lost amongst them :-)
Q What sort of beer do you have there?
 Hungary makes good basic beer of all types, even fruit flavours. We get plenty of beer from the nearby great beer countries like Czech, Slovakian and Austrian/German. Unfortunately there is also plenty of Heineken available.
We have a local microbrewery sponsoring us so there will be some of their lovely stuff on offer.
Q What are the local special drinks?
 Unicum - a dark bitter herbal drink much loved by the locals, but an acquired taste. The plumb variety is particularly good.
Palinka - Local distilled fruit spirit, most bars will offer at least 15 different sorts such as apricot, plumb, pear, quince, apple, grape, raspberry, sour-cherry, sweet-cherry, blackberry; there are even things like holly berry palinka, and the home made types you can`t buy can be 70% alcohol. So bring a spare liver...
Q When do the bars shut in Budapest?
 The Lions Hotel bar seems to shut very early, and it is far too expensive to drink there anyway. In the city plenty of places are open late or don`t close. Theoretically drinking on the street in pubic is not allowed, but our circles have never been affected (so far), unless you look homeless there is no problem drinking anywhere.