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Q When will the 40th birthday celebration weekend be?
 8th to 10th June 2018
Q Where will the event be held?
 Brighton Rugby Football Club (Waterhall Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 8YR)
Q What is the nearest railway station?
 Preston Park (2.7 miles by taxi or 1.5 miles walking)
Brighton (4.1 miles by taxi) and Hove (4.2 miles)
Q What is the nearest airport?
Q Do I have to pay in sterling?
Q Is the weekend all inclusive?
 No, the pub crawl is “pay as you go” and we are working on making all drinks at the venue inclusive but we can’t guarantee it at this time.
Q What do I need to bring?
 A tent or caravan, a towel, hash gear, ‘Camp It Up’ party wear, and beer money for the pub crawl (and a bit extra if we can’t cover all drink at the venue).
Q What will the weather be like?
 Unfortunately, the RAs can’t guarantee warm and sunny conditions. High temperatures should be in the low to mid-twenties which is perfect hashing conditions!
Q What do I get for my wad?
 Registration fee includes: Secure camping accommodation; on-site amenities (showers, loos etc.); Saturday and Sunday breakfasts; Saturday lunch and evening meal (plus whatever snacks we can conjure up Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday lunch!); band and DJ entertainment; a large amount of beer etc. (subject to pricing we may not be able to cover all drink but will do our best!) and anything else we can get away with!
Q Are children and dogs welcome?
 Yes, no cost for dogs or Children under the age of 10 and £20 for anyone under 16