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Q Where is the Frank Lee Center?
 In The Addenbrookes Complex - see
Q Where can I Park
 Parking at Addenbrookes is exspesive, (£11.20 for 6 Hours) but we are trying to negotiate a Discount.
Park and Ride ( Trumpington ) is £1.00 ( for 18Hrs), but services cease at 20:10. It is however only just over 1.5mile walk back along the busway.
Q Can I get there from the Train Station?
 Walking. ( 1.6 Miles)
Turn left out of the station, then right into Brookgate and follow to Hills Rd. Turn left and keep walking until you reach Addenbrookes
Turn left an catch a BUS.. Choose an A, U, Citi 1 or Citi 7 or even the Green Babraham Road P & R. to Addenbrookes own bus station .