Friday 30 March 2018
18:00    Registration & Open Bar.

Saturday 31 March 2018
13:00    Red Dress Run         (Starting at RER Robinson).
18:00    Siesta, shower & change or drink.
20:00    Sans Clue 25th Birthday Party.

Sunday 1 April 2018
13:00    Sans Clue Run 1000 in Parc de St Cloud    (Starting at RER Garches).
18:00    Siesta, shower & change or drink.
19:00    On After party.  

Optional Pre-lube - Thurday 29 March 2018
19:00    TNDC Meet in a bar, somewhere central Paris.
(Address to be confirmed later).
NOTE: not included in the price.

Optional Post-lube - Monday 2 April 2018
Something will be dis-organised, for those who are still in Paris.
NOTE: not included in price.
Possibly a `Hash Brunch` (Coffee and or beer). Food will also be available, maybe.