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Really Over The Top - Long Distance Hash Trail Sept 13th - 15th 2013
Here is the answer to all your questions :-) If you can’t find your question here, contact us!
Maybe your contribution will make it to the Mother of all F.A.Q.’s:
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Q What is ROTT?.
Q Has this been done before
Q Do I need to be Fit?
Q How is the trail laid?
Q Where is point A
Q Can I get a lift?
Q How much does it cost?.
 We don`t know. When you Register we ask for a
£20.00 N/R deposit , (but you do need to Register first). After the event we add all the costs and divide by participants. Support crew do not pay the deposit. You will need money to pay for beer and food in the pubs in the evenings.in 2011 we had to collect an extra £40 p/p making it £60 for each runner. This included all Camping, Lunch food and beer, minibus hire and fuel.
Q I am not sure if I paid a deposit, how can I check?
Q How do I register?
Q Where do I sleep?
Q How do I get fed?
Q Where is it
Q How big is this event?
Q If the trip is full, can I get in if someone else backs out?
Q What do I need to bring?