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Really Over The Top - Long Distance Hash Trail Sept 13th - 15th 2013
Here is the answer to all your questions :-) If you can’t find your question here, contact us!
Maybe your contribution will make it to the Mother of all F.A.Q.’s:
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Q What is ROTT?.
Q Has this been done before
Q Do I need to be Fit?
Q How is the trail laid?
Q Where is point A
Q Can I get a lift?
Q How much does it cost?.
Q I am not sure if I paid a deposit, how can I check?
Q How do I register?
Q Where do I sleep?
 We organise a Camp site, but you may opt for B&B at your own expence. We will book your room and pay any deposite on your behalf. You will find out where when you get there.
Q How do I get fed?
Q Where is it
Q How big is this event?
Q If the trip is full, can I get in if someone else backs out?
Q What do I need to bring?