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Q What should we do in an emergency?
Q Why A Neptunus Weekend?
Q Why is it again at Castle the Berckt?
 Because it is the best venue for a Hash in the world!
Some might not enjoy the thought of going to the same place again but against this there are plenty of Hashers who have heard about this place, never been there and want to grab their change to experience this wonderful, spiritual place!
Q Is this weekend kid friendly?
Q I don`t really like it when kids are at a Hash Weekend: I have to behave and cannot walk around naked!
Q Can the venue easy be reached?
Q No, I mean for visitors from abroad!
Q Why is Neptunus still organizing Hash Weekends?
Q So he will get many down-downs?
Q Neptunus is old. What happens if he isn`t there anymore in 2019?