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Q What should we do in an emergency?
Q Why A Neptunus Weekend?
 Neptunus wants to do things quick: asking `permission` ( to organize a Dutch Nash Hash or so) from all Dutch Hashes takes too long (for him). He will get all kinds of comments what will kill his enthousiasme.
By calling it a Neptunus Weekend he avoids all this.
Q Why is it again at Castle the Berckt?
Q Is this weekend kid friendly?
Q I don`t really like it when kids are at a Hash Weekend: I have to behave and cannot walk around naked!
Q Can the venue easy be reached?
Q No, I mean for visitors from abroad!
Q Why is Neptunus still organizing Hash Weekends?
Q So he will get many down-downs?
Q Neptunus is old. What happens if he isn`t there anymore in 2019?