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Q Are rooms included in the run fee?
 Nope, but we will list a number of hotels catering to various budgets.
Q Should I worry about landmines?
 Nope, we will send hordes of school children along the trail to ensure those are taken care of.
Q Are there any health risks I should be aware of?
 Apart from excessive alcohol abuse you mean? No. There is no Malaria in Siem Reap and Dengue fever season will be past. It probably will be pretty sunny so if you are a Brit, bring sun screen.
Q Can I bring my kid/dog/water buffalo?
 Sprogs are OK but no animals please; there are shit loads of dogs in the villages.
Q Where is the “action” [wink, wink]?
 Please visit www.pantysniffers.com.
Q I object to obscene language and am a defender of everything political correctness. Will I fit in?
Q I am a vegan/lactose intolerant/need gluten free food; will you cater for me?
 See answer above.
Q How long will the walk/run/ball breaker be?
 Depends very much on how hung-over the Hares will be but count on a 3K stroll, a 10K run and a 20K+ adventure.
Q How do I update my details
 If your details are wrong, or need changing, you can do this from the main menu, but you will need an update code (like a password). Just request this be sent to you, and it will be in your inbox, then use it like a password.
Q What is the official Hash Hotel?
 It is the Borei Angkor Resort & Spa. Here is a direct booking link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfCaNu0YVA4F-Y03aeifcCtTqbOZZT2FxgrvT8XzNxy-0j6vA/viewform
Q How do I pay?
 Make payments to this account and add USD 10.00 for local bank fees: Name: Hanno Stamm
Bank: ANZ Royal
Siem Reap Phsa Kandal Branch
Siem Reap 12203
Kingdom of Cambodia
Account number: 1454498
Q How much should I pay for airport transfers or temple tours?
 If you need transport to and from the airport or want to visit the temples, please contact Mr. Proeun at proeun@adventure.com.kh.

Fares are as follows:

* City Sedan: airpot-pickup cost: 11$/way, trasfet to airport cost: 11$/way.
* City Sedan: tmeple tour ( Grand tour/mini tour ) cost: 35$/day

@ Remok ( Tuktuk) airport-pickup cost: 7$/way, transfer to airport cost:
@ Remok ( Tkutuk ) temple tour ( Grand/Mini tour ) cost: 20$/day.

& Minivan: airport-pickup- cost: 15$/way, transfer to airport cost: 15$/way.
& Minivan: temple tour ( Grand tour/minitour ) cost: 40$/day.
Q What currencies are used in Cambodia and should/can I exchange my money?
 As the date for the IMH draws near, some advice on money:

US Dollars are the currency of choice in Cambodia and accepted everywhere with the exception of 2 USD bills. Whilst not as anal as Myanmar, try and have bills that are not too damaged or soiled as businesses may refuse them.

Other major currencies are easily exchanged in Temple Town; do NOT change into local currency (Riel), no matter what they tell you at the border or airport and I suggest that you do not change into USD at the airport either.