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Netherlands Nash Hash 2014
July 18-19-20 2014
Castle the Berckt, Baarlo, Netherlands
Here is the answer to all your questions :-) If you can’t find your question here, contact us!
Maybe your contribution will make it to the Mother of all F.A.Q.’s:
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Q Why is the website called
Q Why do you announce it as: DutchNashHash2014, regardless...
Q Why is DNH2014 again at Castle the Berckt? It was used for EuroHash2011.
Q Will a trailerpark be involved?
Q There is a rumor that during EH2011 hashers could not find their room, although they were still sober!
Q Any other news about the venue?
Q So DNH2014, regardless.. wont be just a copy of EH2011?
 We will copy the good parts and forget the bad parts. We are sure we can create new, original major f*ckups!! After all it`s the Hash!
Q In the confirmation e-mail is `accomadation` but I could not choose!
Q There is also mentioned `and will mostly drink:` but also I could not let you know what I like (to drink!)!
Q I want to ask you some more questions but I forgot them. What shall I do??